Hi! I am a three year old cat orginally from Michigan. My brother, Calvin, and I were adopted by Brenda from the Ann Arbor, Michigan Humane Society. We originally just lived with Brenda, but then we moved in with Bob and our last name has changed. Does the word "married" mean anything to you?

I am the fun loving brother. Every one loves me since I talk to everyone who enters the house. I like to play with the feather on a string. You have to get one of those toys! I am also the good looking one. Don't get me wrong, Calvin is cute, but ne needs to wash his face. This is me ...


I have lived in Michigan, Vermont and now Texas. We moved into a nice big house. Things were great for about a month, then a dog named Kelsey moved in. Kelsey is actually not so bad. When he first moved in I would bat him in the nose for absolutely no reason. Mom and dad did not like that. I don't know why they had a problem with it, I never used my claws. Kelsey and I will hang out in the same room. Don't get that dog worked up or he will chase Calvin and me. Well, he always chases Calvin, he only chases me when he gets worked up over something. I like it when mom and dad come home too, but why does he have to chase us everytime that garage door opens!

Now they have another dog named Dakota. He got me in his mouth once! Luckily, he was on a leash at the time, so dad made Dakota drop me before anyone got hurt. Mom and dad are careful about not letting him near Calvin or me.

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Hobbes laying down